Laura, Catalina - as de guia


Catalina started her career in the music sector in 2012 once she finished the postgraduate degree in business management in the music industry at Pompeu Fabra University. After that, Catalina met Judit Neddermann and they started working together. In fact, Catalina decided to create her own management office to represent Judit. Later, Mazoni joined the company. Catalina has also worked as a booker in Mallorca festivals.

In the previous years, Catalina worked for 10 years at the Institute for Business Innovation of the Balearic Islands and at AGBAR, two professional experiences that gave her a deep vision and understanding of how public administration and private enterprises work. 

Laura started working in the world of music management in 2018. She had the desire to combine the world of music and business, two areas that were familiar to her, and she wanted to merge. Laura started with the artistic career of Magalí Sare and Joina. Furthermore, Laura worked with the agency Propaganda Pel Fet managing the project of Feliu Ventura and in 2021 She created the project As de Guia with Catalina.

In the previous years, Laura experienced in different areas such as consultancy, account auditing and tax assessment to different companies.