Beth as de guia

Beth is celebrating her 20th anniversary tour, a tribute to her professional career.

Her artistic career began at the age of 16 when she started to sing with different orchestras. In 2002 she participated in the OT program of TVE.

Beth was the third winner of the TV show, and she was chosen to represent Spanish Television in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. Since then, her career has been unstoppable. She has released 7 albums: Otra realidad (2003), Palau de la Música (2004), My own way home (2006), “Segueix-me el fil “(2010), Família (2013), Origen (2021), Natural Women (2022) and Beth has collaborated with numerous artists and projects.

Beth also worked in other creative areas such as theater. Two of the theater productions in which she participated received the Butaca Award. In addition, Beth participated as a presenter in different television programs, published the book “NYAM!” and created “LittleLia”, a clothing brand.


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