Guillem Roma

Guillem Roma - as de guia

Guillem Roma overflows with optimism, magic and proximity through his music and live performances. Guillem is an artist who shows us his vital and daily perspective, makes us think about our way of living, our values and how our own evolution affects us.

His projects are musically rich and are influenced by Latin American music with Mediterranean colors and Balkan rhythms.

Guillem is currently touring his last album Postureo Real (2023). In the past, Guillem released Oxitocina (2013), Nòmades (2014), Connexions (2017), La Constant i la Variable (2019), Kiribati (2021) and he has collaborated with artists such as Silvia Pérez Cruz, Daniel, me estás matando, Judit Neddermann, Alessio Arena, Juan Colomo, Rita Payés among others


+34 667 286 408