Joina stands out for her original fusion of styles, her strength, and her message.

Currently, she is preparing her next album. Moreover, she is pianist of La Mercabanda, a late night tv program called Zona Franca of TV3 and Joina is also part of BETH`S band.

Joina debuted with her first album called “Companyes” (2018), an album with a critical, feminist perspective that was very well embraced by the music industry and was winner of the youth award of the sona 9 2019.

In 2021 Joina released “ÒRBITA 9.18”, a work conceptually divided into 3 episodes where the backbone of the album is the piano, his instrument. In that project, Joina mixes the intimacy of his talent as a pianist with his way of composing, modern with touches of pop, Black music, electronic and urban music.


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