Magalí Sare

Unclassifiable artist in terms of musical genre and voice. Magali Sare stands out for her versatility and performance.

Magalí is currently touring with her album ESPONJA (2022), an album inspired by the women of her family and childhood with ironic and playful touches that characterize her personality. In this album Magalí collaborated with Salvador Sobral and Las Migas. 

In May 2023 Magalí along with the double bass player Manel Fortià released reTORNAR, an album that represents an evolution of her first one “Fang i núvols” (2020). This LP experiments with imaginary musical fusions that come from Iberoamerican folklore. Moreover, this project is inspired by sea voyages and the cultural exchange that these caused in past times.

Her career as an artist and performer took her to collaborate on different projects. Magalí was the soprano of Quartet Mèlt, singer of the album ESTÓMAC composed by Clara Peya and singer of the summer spot of Estrella Damm in 2020. As a leader, Magalí has released “Cançons d’amor i dimonis” (2018), a union between the world of jazz and pop, “A boy and a girl” (2020) an album that combines the classical, folk, and electronic world. This album was considered one of the 20 best world music albums by WMCE and “FANG I NÚVOLS”, an album of double bass and voice that looks for the essence of every song.


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