We are a management agency based in Barcelona that was born from the union of two economists who are passionate about music and have decided to be entrepreneurs in that field. We design a specific strategic path for every artist that is part of the family with the aim of growing their current and future potential.

We are committed to the meaning and the packaging of every project, and we are open to every music style. We are passionate and the most important thing, we have the attitude of always searching for new and better ways to guide. Our vision is to be a national reference in the music industry for our praxis.

AS DE GUÍA is a sailor’s knot that represents the union of two territories, Vilassar de Mar and Mallorca. We have chosen this knot and not another one for 3 of its elements. It is a resistant knot that has the capacity to create solid relationships, it is easy to undo and consequently it is able to let people go when they decide to leave. Finally, it has the word guide in the name which is what we understand we do mainly in our day-to-day life.